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Consultation - Color, Pattern & Design Selection - Precision Digital Scanning - CNC Digital Fabrication - Factory Certified Installation Team.

Faux Teak - Non-Skid - Shock Absorbent - Noise Reduction - Stain Resistant - Surface Protection Decorative Custom Designs


Teak Lines: our faux teak board design

Diamonds: our diamond pattern

Inset Border: A single line that is offset inward from the edge of the mat

Honey Comb: our hexagon pattern

Fish Scale: Also known as Tarpon Scales

Retro Square: Typically used without an inset border (SCAN HAS TO BE VERY ACCURATE TO USE THIS PATTERN)

No Design: Just the standard bevel around the edge and nothing else


Brushed: Our most popular texture. Resembles wood grain

Knurled: This texture makes the surface a bit tougher and more resilient

Smooth: This texture is possible but not recommended because it scrapes and wear and tear are more visible.

Dimpled: Similar texture to nonskid.


Showing all colors: When a design or logo is routered out, all 3 colors of the mat can be seen from above.

Bottom color reveal: Shows the bottom color but not the middle color when viewed from above.

Staying in the middle color: We well keep the design or logo in the middle color and not router all the way down to the bottom color


Knife Edge Only: standard for 3mm thick mats

*If edge is left unspecified, we will apply our standard edges*